Parallel Session 2.3

Big Data Solutions for Bioeconomy


Monday 12th / 15:00h - 16:30h


Just the European bioeconomy is already worth more than €2 trillion annually and employs over 22 million people, often in rural or coastal areas and in SMEs. The sector’s digitization is in progress but the added value of applying Big Data solutions to the available data in order to get better insight is not yet realized. The session will present results from current research in this direction along with promising upcoming research next steps.


Dr Athanasios Poulakidas
Coordinator, DataBio
Senior R&I Manager, INTRASOFT

Dr Athanasios (Thanasis) Poulakidas is the coordinator of the DataBio lighthouse project and a Senior R&I Manager at INTRASOFT International S.A.

Since 2005 Thanasis has been working continuously in the enterprise side. Till 2014 he was with Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. where he headed the Satellite and Space Applications Dept., was the manager of a number of large development projects and also led the participation in many EU research projects. Between 2014 and 2016 he was with Akazoo S.A. where he led the infrastructure and research teams. Since 2017 he is with INTRASOFT International.

In academic positions till 2005, he has been a Lecturer at the University of California, a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Universities of Ioannina and Patras and a Researcher at the Computer Technology Institute, Patras.

He graduated from the Dept. of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Univ. of Patras and received his MSc and PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Arne Jørgen Berre
Chief Scientist at SINTEF Digital

Arne is working with Digital Platforms and Systems Interoperability, with focus on Big Data and processing support for Analytics/AI/Machine Learning. Chief Scientist at SINTEF Digital, Department for Software and Service Innovation, Group for Smart Data. The leader of BDVA (Big Data Value Association) TF6 Technical Priorities, GEMINI Center for Big Data with SINTEF, NTNU and UiO and SINTEF BigLearn on Big Data and Machine Learning.

Dr Konstantinos Perakis
R&D Solutions Analyst, UBITECH

Dr Konstantinos Perakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1979. He received his diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in October 2003. He received his M.Sc. in Techno-Economical Systems in 2005 and his Ph.D degree in Medical Informatics in 2009. Currently, Dr Perakis is the Head of the Data Science Research Group at UBITECH. Since 2004, he has been active in a number of European and National R&D programs, through which he has gained considerable experience in the field of e-Health and m-Health (indicative projects include Linked2Safety ICT and MARK1 respectively), Cloud Computing & Cloud interoperability (indicative projects include PaaSword H2020-ICT), Big Data Analytics (indicative projects include OPTIMUM, AEGIS, BigDataOcean and ICARUS H2020), Data Analytics and Mining (indicative projects include LinDA ICT) and Security (indicative projects include Linked2Safety ICT, SHIELD FI-STAR and PaaSword H2020-ICT). Dr Perakis has excellent communication and mediation skills, and the ability to deal well with people in many different contexts, which he has gained through his participation in multi-national consortia within the context of European projects.

He has published more than 20 scientific papers in international journals and conferences as well as two book chapters, all in the field of Information and Telecommunications Technologies, and has served as reviewer and chairman in international journals and conferences. Dr Perakis has also served as a reviewer for R&D projects for the European Commission and is a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - EMBS Society and Computer Society, and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Greek Society of Biomedical Technology.

Ephrem Habyarimana
Research Scientist and Chief Scientist, Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA)

Ephrem Habyarimana has a diverse scientific background, with more than 30 years of experience in cereal breeding with a particular interest in drought resistance and crop adaptation to climate change, and the enhancement of trading and health-promoting plant characteristics. In line with this endeavour, He is actively implementing big data-driven genomic prediction and selection analytics in the process of developing superior cultivars of agro-industrial interest.

Erika Györvary
Technology Coordinator at CSEM


Dr Erika Györvary is Technology Coordinator at CSEM, focusing on business development and technology transfer. She received her Dr in Physical Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi University, Finland in collaboration with Center for Ultrastructure Research, University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, Austria. Before joining CSEM she worked as senior scientist at IMA, Integrated Microsystems Austria, Wiener Neustadt, Austria. She is a founding member of CSEM Brasil in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She is a member of the extended Board of HTA, CSEM Brasil and Delektre (SME, Finland) as well as steering board member of the Innovation Group Digitalization & Agri-Food at the Swiss Food Research. She is also presenting CSEM in the WG Emerging Technologies for Healthcare at EARTO. She has published several articles in well known scientific journals, has initiated many EU-projects and has given presentations worldwide.

Caj Södergård
Research Professor, DataBio Technical Manager
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Caj Södergård is a research professor in Digital Services at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. He has developed big data methods and applications for more than 30 years, starting from image processing mainly for the media industry and more recently for applications within nutrition, environment, learning and forestry. He has over 250 publications and 5 patents. After working in an industry, he has served in a variety of positions at VTT including team leader and centre leader. Currently, he is on the board for the European Big Data Value Association. He was a member of the EU High-Level Expert Group on European Open Science Cloud. He leads the Focus Area Big Data in Industrial Applications at VTT.