Policy issues, opportunities and
barriers in big data-driven transport

Workshop 2.3

Wednesday 14th / 13:30h - 15:00h
Siemens Conference Center Vienna
Meeting Room to be confirmed

Organised by

Organised by the Subgroup leader of Mobility and Logistics Subgroup (BDVA) & Head of Transport Lab for Research at INTRASOFT International Mrs Akrivi Vivian Kiousi.

Responsible co-organisers
for the Session

  • Prof. Dr Rajendra Akerkar, Western Norway Research Institute - EU Project LeMO Coordinator.
  • Rodrigo Castiñeira, R&D Program Manager at Indra’s Transport Business Unit and Big Data and Big Data Lighthouse EU Project TransformingTransport Coordinator.

Session Description

For several decades, transportation has played a key role in the context of sustainability and efficiency of metropolitan’s transportation systems. However, the concerns and issues of the transportation systems have been changed as society and/or technologies do. To facilitate the discussion of active transportation policy and legislation issues expressed but also to invite willing contributors on common policy topics identified, the specific session is suggested to invite interested parties that can showcase. Considering the objectives of the LeMO and TransformingTransport project, the interaction with industry experts is fundamental to challenge and validate the findings.

Accordingly, in addition to presenting the key topics in relation to big data policies and issues raised in recent relevant literature, the various slots will rely in examining those and other questions by surveying their relevance in polls during and after the various presentations.

A last slot will aim to reach out to the audience for a debate during which open questions from to audience will be addressed to clarify certain aspects of the presentation.

Agenda & Objectives

An introduction to big data in a specific sector (i.e. the transport sector) and a holistic view of opportunities, challenges, and limitations.

Introduction of TransformingTransport project and big data challenges in the transport sector.

Introduction of the LeMO project and big data in the transport sector.

An analysis of the economic and political issues that are relevant to big data in transport.

A review of policies supporting or restricting the (re‐) use, linking of and sharing of data in the transport sector.

An analysis of the legal issues relevant to big data in transport.

An overview of the technological issues relevant to big data, with a particular focus on the transport sector to act as contributions to a common roadmap (relying on case studies).

Examples / Policy contribution topics highlighted by TransformingTransport Lighthouse project.

  • Maurilio Zuccalà (CEFRIEL)

Invited projects

Open debate

The session will further reach out to the audience during and after the various presentations to gather valuable feedback that aims in the formation of a common policy roadmap relating to the topics identified for big data in transport.

Ultimately, the results of the session, as fed by experts (including attendees of EBDVF 2018), will enable the identification of industry-led recommendations to (EU) policymakers in relation to big data, with a focus on the transport sector driving a roadmap creation activity to be fed by big data specialists and to validate, clarify, complement and/or challenge the identified opportunities, barriers and limitation to exploit big data.

Expected Outcomes

There is already a concrete plan on how to attract high quality talks in the policy field. First, the co-organizers participate in large EU funded research and development projects, e.g. H2020 LeMO, H2020 TransformingTransport (TT), other PPP highlighted projects which is directly related to big data in the transport industry.

Complementing this, the session is organised BDVA Subgroup on “Mobility and Logistics” (as part of TF7) will invite representatives from key running projects and attempt to ensure cooperation and collaboration for a common activity.

Finally, we will solicit participation from associations and highlighted research organisations. As such, there is already a list of potential participants in mind. In the light of the above, it is sure that the session will succeed in attracting a high number of high quality talks and achieve high attendance (>50 persons).


Tharsis Teoh
Urban logistics expert at Panteia BV

Tharsis Teoh is a researcher and consultant specializing in the development of innovative business models for sustainable logistics. He studied transport and logistics and completed his PhD in the field of urban freight specializing in the use of electric vehicles. He works as a researcher at TU Delft and a consultant at Panteia BV. Besides his research work at TU Delft, he has also developed an online course on sustainable urban freight transport together with partners from the Volvo Research and Education Foundation (VREF). At Panteia, he is currently active in the H2020 LeMO project which aims to develop policy and research roadmaps for the application of big data in the transport sector.

Rajendra Akerkar
Professor and leader of Big Data Research Group at Western Norway Research Institute

Rajendra Akerkar is professor and leader of Big Data Research Group at Western Norway Research Institute, where his primary domain of activities is big data and semantic science with aim to combine strong theoretical results with high impact practical outcomes. He holds master’s in applied mathematics and doctorate in computer science. His research and teaching experience include over 28 years in the academia spanning different universities in Asia, Europe and North America. Rajendra has authored/co-authored 16 books, around 128 research papers, co-edited 2 e-Books and edited 17 volumes of international conferences and workshops. He is actively involved in several international ICT initiatives, and research & innovation projects for more than 19 years. He is currently coordinating INTPART Big Data for Emergency Management (BDEM) and Horizon 2020 Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations (LeMO) projects.

Jasmien César
IT and Data Lawyer at Bird & Bird

Jasmien César is a Brussels-based IT and data lawyer working for the international law firm Bird & Bird LLP. She regularly undertakes both advisory and litigation work in various legal areas including copyright, privacy and data protection, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-marketing and IT contracts. She assists clients in information and technology related matters such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, cookies, electronic signatures, intermediary liability and online gaming. She also regularly assists with the legal compliance of research and innovation projects funded by the EU Commission. Among other projects, she is currently active in the H2020 LeMO project which aims to develop policy and research roadmaps for the application of big data in the transport sector.

Dr Josep Maria Salanova Grau
Researcher at CERTH/HIT

Dr Josep Maria Salanova Grau (M) is a researcher at CERTH/HIT and holds a Civil engineering diploma and PhD in transport modelling from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and an MSc in civil and transportation engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He has participated in various EU research projects in the field of transport, as well as in numerous national and EU transport studies. His main interests lie in the development of models for optimizing the implementation and performance of new mobility schemes, such as transport-on-demand or car-sharing schemes.

Dr Ibad Kureshi
Senior Research Scientist at INLECOM

Holds three degrees in Computer Science which includes a PhD from the University of Huddersfield specialising in High-Performance Computing and Data Analytics. He then did his Post Doctorate with the Institute of Advanced Research Computing, followed by a Fellowship with the Department of Computing Science at Durham University. Since 2009 he has delivered projects, technology solutions, and publications in the fields of Large-Scale Computation (HPC and Cloud), Modelling and Simulation (statistical methods, AI/deep learning, and agent-based), Big Data (infrastructure and processing), and Data Analytics (geospatial, numerical, network/graph, econometrics). His published works include a contribution to the book “Software Applications for Big Data and Cloud” from ELSEVIER, and several papers to IEEE’s Big Data and ACM’s Knowledge Discovery and Data-Mining. Ibad is currently coordinating the Track and Know H2020 project ‘Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas’.

Dr Michele Osella
Head of Business Model & Policy Innovation unit at ISMB

Dr Michele Osella has 10+ years of experience as a research manager and innovation advisor in leading global organizations. Michele currently serves as head of Business Model & Policy Innovation unit at ISMB, where he manages a research-based innovation advisory boutique that helps organizations of any kind to strategically drive change and turn digital transformation into a competitive advantage. His career includes teaching and consulting positions in international and multicultural environments. In the academic sphere, Michele is an adjunct professor in master programs offered by the Polytechnic of Turin, giving regular lectures on business model innovation and competitive strategy. In addition, he leads executive training programs related to public sector innovation delivered at the International Labour Organization (United Nations). Finally, Michele coordinates the task force on business themes (TF8) at BDVA, the private counterpart to the European Commission in implementing the Big Data Value PPP.

Dr Luis-Daniel Ibáñez
Research Fellow at University of Southampton

Luis-Daniel Ibáñez is a research fellow in the Web and Internet Science group of the University of Southampton, UK.

His research activity comprises the domains of the Web, Linked Open Data and Crowdsourcing. He holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Nantes.

Previously, he was deputy coordinator of the Open Data Incubator for Europe, an EU funded incubation program for SMEs innovating around Open Data.

He is currently the technical director of the H2020 QROWD project, and also participates in two further EU funded initiatives: the European Data Portal, where he contributes to the analysis of its effectivity, and the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, where he is part of the team producing technical reports on the impact of Blockchain technology of several key verticals.

Dr Fenareti Lampathaki
Technical Director of Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited

Dr Fenareti Lampathaki is the Technical Director of Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited. She holds a PhD Degree and a Diploma - M.Eng. Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Spec.: Computer Science) from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and an M.Sc. Degree in Techno-Economics (M.B.A.). Prior to co-founding Suite5, she worked as an R&D Project Manager at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in NTUA and acted as an adjunct lecturer in the post-graduate programmes of NTUA and the University of Aegean.

During the last 13 years, she has successfully led the team's research and management activities in a series of EU-funded R&D projects in multiple domains (e.g. Big Data, Factories of the Future, Cloud Computing, eGovernance) related to data interoperability, modelling and analytics (e.g. ICARUS H2020, EOSChub H2020, UPTIME H2020, UTILITEE H2020, MATILDA H2020, AEGIS H2020, UNICORN H2020, PSYMBIOSYS H2020, FITMAN FI-PPP, OPENi FP7) and managed 3 Coordination and Support Actions (as the overall project manager for FutureEnterprise FP7, ENSEMBLE FP7 and CROSSROAD FP7). Fenareti has also acquired significant experience in a large number of domestic R&D and commercial projects related to semantic interoperability and data analytics. Her research interests span over the data lifecycle focusing on big data analytics, data modelling, data sharing, and data linking while her research results have appeared in over 75 publications in international journals, edited books and conference proceedings while she has co-edited 1 book (on interoperability).

Currently, Fenareti is the Technical Coordinator of the ICARUS H2020 Project (Aviation-driven Data Value Chain for Diversified Global and Local Operations).

Alexander Stocker
Key researcher for contextual information systems and management at the Virtual Vehicle Research Center in Graz, Austria
Alexander Stocker

Alexander Stocker holds a doctoral degree in business administration from Karl-Franzens-University Graz (2010) with a focus on business information systems. He currently holds the position of a key researcher for contextual information systems and management at the Virtual Vehicle Research Center in Graz, Austria.

Prior to the Virtual Vehicle Research Center he was key researcher at the Institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH (2008-2013), executive assistant to the CEO at the Know-Center (2004-2009), Austria’s Competence Centre for Knowledge Management, and a business consultant for information management and technology at Datev in Nuremberg, Germany (2002-2004).

Adrián Irala
R&D Engineer at Indra’s Transport Business Unit

M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. R&D Engineer at Indra’s Transport Business Unit.Part of the coordination team of Transforming Transport project. Works in the proposal and deployment of R&D projects at European level in the fields of connected vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Mrs Vivian Kiousi
INTRASOFT International S.A.

Mrs Vivian Kiousi (f) has joined INTRASOFT International S.A. in May 2001 and acts as a Senior Business Development Manager and Head of the Transport Lab of the Research & Innovation Development Department of the company. For nigh teen years in research, Mrs Kiousi has gained experience in the field of Big Data, AI Human-Computer Interaction, Transport technologies, e-Government, Internet-based Technologies, Community Portals, Promotion and Dissemination Strategies. Mrs Kiousi was and is currently involved in relevant European and R&D Projects such as H2020 Big Data TransformingTransport lighthouse project, OPTIMUM H2020, H2020 CoGLO, H2020 MaaS4EU in various positions including Project Coordination, Project Management, Dissemination and Communications management. Mrs Kiousi is a PhD candidate on behavioural and economic frameworks for multimodal and mobility as a service (MaaS) transportation schemes. She holds two masters (MSc), in AI & Cognitive Science and Telecommunications Computing and Human-Centred Systems awarded by the School of Computing and the Electronic and Electrical School of Engineering respectively at the University of Birmingham. She was awarded in 2000 with a TI Engineering Postgraduate Scholarship. In addition, Mrs Kiousi holds a double major BSc Degree in Psychology and History of Art) and she is a Physics degree minor. She has been trained in some management, communication methodologies and social media strategies and she is CMMI-DEV 1.3 ML3 Appraisal Team Member and ATM. Personal interests are research topics on energy efficiency, urban mobility and energy efficiency, logistics, gender equality and mobility.