Smart Factories

Parallel Session 1.4

European Big Industrial Data Spaces
for Smart Connected Industry 4.0


Monday 12th / 13:00h - 14:30h


The “Cognitive Factory” term appeared for the first time in 2009. Almost a decade later, with the reduction of costs in computing, storage and sensing hardware and the advances in artificial intelligence, cloud, mobile technologies and IoT/CPS, it is now possible to realise such data-intensive manufacturing vision.

Data lies at the heart of Industry 4.0 (Mckinsey, PwCi), the experience economy and the manufacturing digital transformation towards “servitized” product service systems and outcome-based digital business models; as opposed to traditional product ownership business models. But the massively growing information flow brings little value without the right analytics techniques. The rapidly growing number of sensors, embedded systems and connected devices, as well as the increasing horizontal and vertical networking of value chains, resulting in a huge continuous data flow. In fact, the manufacturing sector generates more data annually than any other sector in the EU or US economy (IDC) and manufacturing industry (83%) expects data to have a big impact on decision-making in 5 years. To leverage the cognitive Factory 4.0 model it is important to build a shared vision and reference model for data-intensive services in connected smart factories.

The session will discuss the main challenges for the development of data-driven solutions for Industry 4.0, as well as, introduce reference architectures and visions for the development of the foundations of a European Industrial Data Space. The session will also present practical use cases on the approaches taken by European industry to exploit and leverage the power of Big data analytics. The session will also address approaches to engage SMEs in the exploitation of big data technologies for optimisation of operations as well as the future role of cloud-edge integration and distributed computing capabilities to bring analytic capabilities closer to automation equipment and digital shop-floor.


Óscar Lázaro
Manging Director, Innovalia

Óscar Lázaro is Managing Director of Innovalia Association, the Associated Research Lab founded by the Innovalia Alliance, one of the 3 strategic technology groups in the Basque Country. Innovalia develops technology in the fields of E2E cybersecurity (chip to the cloud), quality assurance for high-performance IoT/CPS systems, mobile 3D visualisation and big data analytics. Innovalia develops manufacturing quality control instrumentation, quality control software platforms for industry 4.0 and integrated solutions for zero defect manufacturing in automotive, aeronautics, railways and renewable energy markets.

Óscar Lázaro has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT and manufacturing field. He is also Visiting Professor at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Strathclyde in the area of wireless & mobile communications. He is permanent representative of Innovalia in EFFRA and he has also served to the Future Internet Advisory Board and the Sherpa Group on 5G Action Plan.

Dr Óscar Lázaro has been one of the 3 experts in the high-level group supporting the EC in the analysis of the 15 national initiatives in Digitising European Industry (DEI), he is supporting the activities of the I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) Programme since its very beginning and leads the I4MS Competence Centre for Advanced Quality Control Services in Zero Defect Manufacturing at the Automotive Intelligence Centre DIH in the Basque Country. He is also part of the Industry 4.0 Domain Committee of the FIWARE Foundation and a regular contributor to the activities of the Industria Conectada 4.0 DIH and Platform working groups. Since January 2018 he is coordinating the European lighthouse initiative BOOST 4.0 on Big Data Platforms for Industry 4.0.

Dr Athanasios Poulakidas
Coordinator, DataBio
Senior R&I Manager, INTRASOFT

Dr Athanasios (Thanasis) Poulakidas is the coordinator of the DataBio lighthouse project and a Senior R&I Manager at INTRASOFT International S.A.

Since 2005 Thanasis has been working continuously in the enterprise side. Till 2014 he was with Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. where he headed the Satellite and Space Applications Dept., was the manager of a number of large development projects and also led the participation in many EU research projects. Between 2014 and 2016 he was with Akazoo S.A. where he led the infrastructure and research teams. Since 2017 he is with INTRASOFT International.

In academic positions till 2005, he has been a Lecturer at the University of California, a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Universities of Ioannina and Patras and a Researcher at the Computer Technology Institute, Patras.

He graduated from the Dept. of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Univ. of Patras and received his MSc and PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mr. Christoph Mertens
Senior Consultant & Innovations Manage EU Projects, IDSA

Christoph Mertens studied computer science at the Technical University of Dortmund.
After his time at the university, he worked for the Fraunhofer IML where he mainly worked
in the area of ERP software selection projects and Industry 4.0 related projects. Since
June 2018 Christoph works for the IDSA. In his current position as Senior Consultant and
Innovations Manager for EU Projects, he mainly is responsible for the European research
initiatives, the IDSA is participating in. One of the projects to name is BOOST 4.0 – Big Data
Value Spaces for Competitiveness of European Connected Smart Factories 4.0.

Dr Roberto Pérez
Digital Transformation Innovation Responsible,
GF Machining Solutions

Dr Roberto Pérez is currently responsible of Digital Transformation Innovation activities at GF Machining Solutions. He received his PhD from the University of Geneva in 1997 and a MBA from The Open University (UK) in 2011. Formerly Head of Applied and Collaborative Research and Innovation, in the last years he focused on the development of smart modules for high quality and high performing manufacturing processes with academic partners and key customers worldwide, mainly in the mould and die, aerospace and medical segments, and in transversal coordination with the wider GF Machining Solutions business unit environment, covering Electric Discharge Machining, high speed milling, laser and automation technologies

Mr Claudio Broggio

Mr Claudio Broggio has always been exploiting data potentialities since his first Basic
coding when he was 10. During his working path, he did it in organizations belonging to
different sectors: energy, transport, agriculture, manufacturing, public administration,
and... nuclear physics. Since he landed in SAS, he has been pooling his cross-sectorial
competences and his propensity for lateral thinking in order to create new visions for
data capitalization by means of advanced analytics. In his free time, Claudio keeps alive
such inclinations by cooking, gardening, and playing with his daughters.

Dr Matthias Grimmer

Dr Matthias Grimmer received his doctorate in computer science at Johannes Kepler
University in Linz, Austria, worked for Oracle as a senior member of technical staff, and
finally joined Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H. He is responsible for the Industrial Internet of Things platform of Fill, as well as digitalization and Industry 4.0 efforts.

Mr Sergio Gusmeroli
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa

Born in Sondrio (Italy) in 1961, he finalised his education at Politecnico di Milano in 1986. After several experiences in different branches of the ICT domain, in June 2000, he was appointed the director and operating manager of the International Research & Innovation Unit of TXT e-solutions, an IT company leader in EU for Supply Chain management solutions. In TXT he coordinated diverse FP7 EC funded projects in the ICT for Manufacturing domain: COIN, MSEE, TELLME, FITMAN, OSMOSE. Since 2015, Sergio is a senior consultant for Politecnico di Milano and is in charge of the H2020 Factories of the Future PSYMBIOSYS project about Product-Service innovation ecosystems and BEinCPPs about Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation. Since 2016, Sergio is also collaborating with Engineering Ingegneria Informatica in the field of Industrial Analytics and is part of the MIDIH project about Data-driven architectures for Industry 4.0. He is the author of more than 30 publications/papers in Italian and International magazines and conferences. His main areas of competence and experience include Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, Industrial Analytics, Enterprise Interoperability, Open Source Digital Platforms.

Mr Davide Dalle Carbonare
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa

Mr Davide DALLE CARBONARE is focused on big data-related topics and since 2015 he is involved in the Big Data Value Association where he is a member of the Board of Directors and he is coordinating Engineering’s team activities on technical aspects and vertical domains, such as Smart Manufacturing Industry, Smart Cities, Agrifood and Healthcare.  He is working in Information Technology since 2002, with most of the years invested in European funded projects. After building solid skills as a software developer, he focused on software testing (ISTQB certified), project‐automation and team‐collaboration. Involved in the FI-PPP and FIWARE (in all its foundation projects) since the very beginning, now he is a member of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee.