Technical Solutions
for GDPR Compliance

Parallel Session 4.3


Tuesday 13th / 11:15h - 12:45h


The entry into application of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018 has been a wake-up call for many companies to re-examine their data handling practices.

Such examination took place against a growing interest in data processing in light of the promises of 'Big data', data-driven innovation and artificial intelligence (AI).
In this session, speakers shall present solutions for ensuring compliance of business processes involving the processing of personal data from a technical perspective.

There cannot be a one-tool-solves-it all approach. Different use cases require the processing of personal data in different ways preserving individuals' privacy. Anonymisation and aggregation of data can lead to useful data for certain purposes but not for others. Sometimes individuals' consent will be necessary. In many situations, it won't. Pseudonymisation in combination with specific legal grounds for processing can be sufficient.

This session presents technical approaches taken by companies and organisations in order to ensure compliance with data protection legislation:

  • Deutsche Telekom in the context of its Cloud Business.
  • BMW in the context of their CarData platform for access to telematics information from BMW and MINI vehicles.
  • ‘Dynamic pseudonymisation’ services developed by Anonos with implementation examples.
  • ‘Data synthetitization’ services developed by with implementation examples.


Malte Beyer-Katzenberger
Policy Officer at European Commission

Dr Malte Beyer-Katzenberger studied law & political sciences at Trier and Aix-en-Provence universities and at the College of Europe, Bruges.

After having worked at the Academy of European Law in Trier from 2007-2011, he joined the European Commission, DG CONNECT, in November 2011. He is a policy developer working on an enabling policy framework for data-driven innovation, including discussions on "data ownership", Open Data, and working towards a human-centric data economy.

Frank Wagner
VP Business, Services & Infrastructure - Deutsche Telekom

Has been working at Deutsche Telekom since 1981. After 15 years in the area of technology from POTS over satellite, radio and TV broadcast communication, computer networks, servers and clients he started the second part of his career in the area of data privacy.

Selected milestones: Chief Privacy Officer of T-Online International, the future of mobile privacy project in cooperation with Mozilla, Privacy Lead in the PanIP program.

Has expert knowledge of applications, (cloud-) services, web technologies and all their privacy implications in data protection.

Is an excellent translator between privacy law and technology

Has a broad network of international data privacy experts and much sympathy for technical solutions which work for people, not against them.

Lives in a small town south of Darmstadt. In his free time, he likes motorbiking, spending time with his dog, meeting friends and listening to music.

Gary LaFever
Co-Founder and CEO at Anonos

Gary LaFever is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Anonos. Anonos’ state-of-the-art BigPrivacy technology uniquely supports the transformative shift in data protection, privacy and security to a dynamic, data-centric, technology-based approach that granularly enforces policies using GDPR compliant Pseudonymisation to comply with EU and other evolving data protection regulations. Gary was formerly a partner at the top-rated international law firm of Hogan Lovells.

Michael Platzer
Founder and CEO of Mostly AI

Dr Michael Platzer is founder and CEO of Mostly AI, where he and his team are building big data anonymization solutions based on recent advances in generative AI. Prior to that, he worked as data scientist lead at Nokia and Microsoft, building upon consumer data at global scale. He earned a master degree in mathematics, as well as in business, and earned his PhD on predicting customer behaviour, for which he was recognized with the Global Research Award 2017 by the American Marketing Association.

Mr. Christian Clauss
ConnectedDrive Project Manager at BMW Headquarters

Mr. Christian Clauss is a ConnectedDrive project manager at BMW Headquarters in Munich, Germany. During a career spanning more than 10 years at BMW’s Electric / Electronics development and IT divisions, he has brought many features to markets worldwide allowing the BMW driver to seamlessly integrate daily routines to the Connected Car. In his current position Christian is embedded in the Aftersales division of BMW and responsible for BMW CarData, a new service in the BMW ConnectedDrive portfolio.

Dr Martina Schollmeyer
Deputy Data Protection Officer of BMW

Dr Martina Schollmeyer is deputy Data Protection Officer of BMW AG. Martina received a PhD in Computer Science from the Missouri University of Science & Technology. She has been working at BMW AG since 1999, initially as an IT manager in various functions within the BMW business IT as well as in aftersales / vehicle IT. She joined Corporate Data Protection in 2011 as an expert for data protection in connected vehicles. She holds a data protection certification as CIPP/E and CIPM.